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Even though cryptocurrencies provide new opportunities for innovative investors, investing in cryptocurrencies can be a challenging venture.

Token Research Group

We are a group of blockchain enthusiasts, passionate about bringing transparency to the industry. Our analysis assists a wide range of investors, from those entering the crypto space to more established investors. Our specialist research and deep experience in the crypto market provides the fundamental due diligence on Blockchain projects, which is essential for making informed financial decisions.


Based on a sound research methodology, Token Research Group offers three distinct services for the innovative investor and blockchain startups.

ICO and Cryptocurrencies Analysis Reports

We identify the most promising blockchain projects, through deep due diligence.

Investment Partner and Portfolio Management

We assist in investment decisions and the portfolio management process.

ICO Advice and Acceleration

We act as an experienced partner advising in the launch of blockchain projects.


The following cryptocurrency projects use(d) our expertises to execute an ICO or organize an event seamlessly:


Advisory Role;
Community Management


Business Developer Europe


Advisory Role


Advisory Role


Advisory Role

Investment Portfolio

Most successful ICOs we have invested in:

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